Repertoire permutations between koineization and transnational networking


The group’s work is embedded into the Multilingual Manchester research unit which explores multilingual urban repertoires and their impact on the practices of individuals, communities and institutions, and seeks to raise awareness of language diversity through an ambitious programme of outreach and public engagement. Research will focus on the multilingual practices of the young generation Roma migrants originating from southeastern Romania, taking into account evidence of dialect formation through processes of dialect convergence, language use in social networks, the role of media and mobility and how language attitudes are negotiated with local institutions.

The group is coordinated by Professor Yaron Matras. It is based at the University of Manchester and includes Dr. Viktor Leggio.


Yaron MATRAS is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the University of Manchester. His research interests include contact linguistics, urban multilingualism, typology, and language documentation. He has worked on dialects of Romani, German, Kurdish, and other languages, and is the founder of the Multilingual Manchester research unit. His publications include Romani: A linguistic introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2002), Romani in Britain: The afterlife of a language (Edinburgh University Press, 2010), Language Contact (Cambridge University Press, 2009/2020) and A grammar of Domari (De Gruyter Mouton, 2012).

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