Language ideologies and emerging practices in contiguous Roma communities


Research group 1 examines the position of multilingual repertoires of indigenous and migrant Romani communities in a variety of urban spaces in the Nordic regions, with a focus on encounters among the populations that use so-called Para-Romani varieties (Romani lexicon embedded into local languages), those who are descendants of the Vlax, speakers of Finnish Romani, and more recent migrants from southeastern Europe.

The group is coordinated by Professor Kimmo Granqvist. It is based at Södertörn University and includes Dr László Fosztó, Dr Jakob Wiedner and Dr Sofiya Zahova.

Kimmo Granqvist

Kimmo GRANQVIST is Professor of Romani Studies at Södertörn University, Stockholm, a Visiting Professor of Romani Studies at Uppsala University, and a University Lecturer in Romani Language and Culture at the University of Helsinki. His research interests include language structure, dialectology, variation and change, language contact, and mixed languages. He has mostly worked on Romani dialects. He is a member of the Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages at the Council of Europe. He has coordinated since 2013 large-scale, externally funded European projects, dealing with Romani dialectology, grammar, interaction, and issues of language, identity and authenticity among East European Roma.


Dr. László FOSZTÓ is a social anthropologist working as project researcher at the Södertörn University. His area of expertise is the ethnographic study of Romani groups with focus on communicative practices, religion and ritual, economy and migration, identity, social activism and transnational networks. Main publications: Ritual Revitalisation after Socialism: Community, Personhood, and Conversion among the Roma in a Transylvanian Village, Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia, 21. Münster: LIT, 2009, and Colecţie de studii despre romii din România, [Collected Studies about the Romanian Roma] ISPMN–Kriterion, Cluj-Napoca 2009. He serves as secretary of the European Academic Network on Romani Studies (since 2011) a joint initiative of the European Commission and Council of Europe.

Sofiya Zahova

Sofiya Zahova is a researcher at the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Language, University of Iceland. Her research interests include history and ethnography of Southeast Europe, minority policies, nation building, and Romani literature. She is author of the books Montenegro after Yugoslavia: Dynamics of Identities (2013, in Bulgarian), History of Romani Literature with Multimedia on Romani Kids´ Publications” (2014) and of the UNICEF-commissioned report Research on the Social Norms which Prevent Roma Girls from Access to Education (2016, in Bulgarian and English).


Jakob A. P. WIEDNER, linguist specialised in discourse analysis and sociolinguistics works at the Plurilingualism Research Unit at the language centre treffpunkt sprachen University of Graz as post-doctoral assistant. His main objectives are the development and implementation of Romani-related linguistic projects and administration and development of IT solutions for research projects and the dissemination of research results. He is interested in researching language-related discourses in a wider societal context and language contact phenomena, and implementing software solutions for processing human language.

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