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    Dear all.

    Here are the references that Yaron wrote in the chat during the webinar last week. In case, you didn’t save them 😉

    Structuralist approach
    John Gumperz, 1960s: ‘verbal repertoire’: the totality of distinct language varieties, dialects and styles employed in a community.

    Post-structuralist approach: repertoire is not an enumeration of fixed clusters or sub-varieties, but the entire pool of linguistic resources.
    Busch, Brigitte. 2012: The Linguistic Repertoire Revisited, Applied Linguistics 33:5
    Blommaert, Jan & Backus, Ad. 2013, Superdiverse repertoires and the individual, In: I. de Saint-Georges & J. Weber, eds., Multilingualism and Multimodality. Rotterdam: Sense

    Super-diversity leads to lower degree of predictability of links between language, place, identity, community, due to greater multiplicity of interaction options,
    the choice of linguistic features is seen as constitutive of links among individuals thereby constructing social groups or communities.

    Judith Butler: identity is not given but performed through repetition of a speech act
    Jacques Derrida: iteration as basis of performativity
    Le Page & Tabouret-Keller 1985

    Agenda as defined by Blommaert & Backus 2013: – problematize the notion of ‘language’ as pre-defined set of structures – view language as dynamic, emerging pattern of practices – detach notion of ‘language’ from pre-defined groups or speech communities – view groups instead as emerging and evolving networks of practice – view people as moving in between and among such groups our agenda: – how the choice of features by individuals connects to social and cognitive processes – when studying social processes, examine routines rather than pre-determined social groups or places – when studying cognitive processes, focus on language processing rather than mere structural features –extend focus to multi-modal representation of language – examine language ideologies and identity construction

    5 conceptual notions
    – performativity
    – practice routines
    – boundary negotiation
    – indexicality
    – language and place/ community

    Operational phases
    Phase 1: annotated corpus/ tagged examples
    Phase 2: pilot essay (internal)
    Phase 3: working paper
    Phase 4: publications

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