Advisory Board

  • Prof Fred Karlsson of Helsinki University, linguist and former chair of the Romani Language Board of Finland 
  • Prof Kenneth Hyltenstam of Stockholm University (emeritus), specialist in bilingualism and author of a survey of Romani in Sweden 
  • Prof Elizabeth Lanza of Oslo University, specialist in contact linguistics and director of the Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (MultiLing) 
  • Prof Ad Backus of Tilburg University, specialist in contact linguistics and critical sociolinguistics 
  • Prof Michael Stewart of University College London, anthropologist specialising in Roma communities 
  • Prof Anna Vershick of Tallinn University, linguist specialising in bilingualism and microlinguistics 
  • Dr László Fosztó of the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, anthropologist and sociologist specialising in Romani communities 
  • Charles Westin, Professor Emeritus, anthropologist, Stockholm University

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